St Matthew's Church
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Memorial Garden

The ground for St Matthew's Memorial Garden was blessed by Archbishop Peter Carnley at the Saint Matthew's Day Service in 1998. It was consecrated by Bishop Brian Farran on 12 July 2000 for the burial of cremation ashes. The first stage of the Garden was completed in March 2001. Roses, with or without ashes buried beneath, commemorate loved ones and seats form an arbour for quiet reflection.

The colour scheme used for roses in the garden are white for purity, pink for remembrance, yellow for the physical absence of loved ones, peach for reflection, and red for love and the essence of the Holy Spirit.

Memorial Garden

The entry to the garden is under three arches, representing the Trinity.

The first arch supports 2 climbing roses called 'Remembrance'. This arch was given by John & Pauline Farrell in memory of Pauline's family,

The second arch supports 2 climbing roses called 'Angel Face' and is in memory of MISS FRANCES GERALDINE LEFROY, known as Fanny. Fanny was a long time parishioner and in charge of Church Flowers. She requested that on her passing, which was in June 1941, her ashes be placed in the church grounds between the Vestry and the Supper Room and a Jacaranda Tree be planted over them. The tree did not survive. The arch was dedicated to Fanny’s memory on 17th February 2002. The Angel Face rose was chosen as the colour is similar to Jacaranda flowers.

The third arch supports two climbing roses called 'Peace' and is in memory of NOEL TANNER and DON LONGSON. The Peace rose was chosen as both Noel and Don gave war service that we may have peace.

Memorial Wall

Memorial Wall. Deceased persons who have had an association with Saint Matthew’s Church, whether their ashes are buried in the Memorial Garden or elsewhere can be remembered here.

The Cross on the Memorial Wall was dedicated on 21st April 2002 to the memory of Lloyd Swick whose ashes are in the Memorial Garden.

Memorial Garden

The Remembrance Garden is adjacent to the church hall and was  established in November 2002. Its name is due to the Rosemary hedge first planted there. Rosemary has been long considered  as a symbol of remembrance of the deceased. It also has therapeutic and culinary use.

A Freestanding Cabinet in the Church holds the Memorial Book for those whose ashes lie in the Memorial Garden. A bequest was given from Betty Jones’ estate and in consultation with the family the cabinet was made in memory of HERBERT WATSON JONES 24-1-1917 to 8-4-2000 and BEATRICE MAY JONES 11-11-1919 to 3-7-2009." Both Mr. and Mrs. Jones were parishioners of St Matthew's and their ashes are in the memorial garden.

The cabinet was made by D'Uva Furniture Restorers, Midvale, Michael D'Uva and Neil Frost.